1 Day Journey

Ring of the three peaks of Monte Morello

EXCURSION DATE: 18 August, 2023


excursion brief

Discover the natural beauty of Monte Morello with our trekking excursion! The departure will be from the Seppi source, located in the heart of the natural park that surrounds the hill. We will follow a ring that will lead us through breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding countryside, reaching the three peaks of the mountain. During the Second World War, Monte Morello was used as a base and refuge by partisans fighting against the Nazi-fascist occupation. The guide who will lead you during the excursion will provide you with information and details on the history and attractions of Monte Morello, including its role in the resistance against the Nazi occupation This excursion is suitable for all levels of experience and fitness and will be led by an expert guide who will lead you through this wonderful landscape. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty of Mt.Morello.

details & required skills

Mandatory equipment